If your goal was to make science fun and enjoyable to learn, your mission was accomplished. The results are tangible, at least when it comes to Sami. I think she may be hooked!


Each day she came home with LOTS to share about what she was doing!! She REALLY LOVED this camp, and we look forward to seeing you all again on the 7th of July. I will DEFINITELY enroll her into your SMILE Academic Year this fall!!


“Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate the way you all take care all the details about SMILE Camp. My wife and I are really impress for all the hard work that you all are doing! David already told us that this camp is the best from all the camps that he attended before in other institutions. This is his first one at NCSU and he already want to attend another one. Every day, after we pick him up, he is very excited and share with us all the experiments that he did and all the new information and knowledge that he has. David was very interested in science, but after this camp I am sure this is something that he is going to consider very seriously in his future.”


“Just to let you know that both of my kids Ian and Alex came back home from camp saying they wanted to study Materials Science when they went to College. I think that says a lot about the great job you and your team are doing to motivate our kids.”


I wanted to let you know that Eliza LOVED camp yesterday!!!! I will be signing her up for more:)


I cannot tell you how much the students LOVED having you come on Wednesday. Many parents contacted me that night or the next day to tell me that their son/daughter came home very excited about the day. One student told his mom that it was his favorite school day ever!


“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with engineering… At North Carolina State UniversitySMILE (Science Math Interactive Learning Experiences) program, which I attended in middle school, I had my first exposure to applied science. It’s been several years, but those early experiences, such as building simple robots, looking through electron microscopes, and making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, have stayed with me. I continued to explore various fields of engineering as I grew, asking for robotics kits for my birthdays and taking higher-level math and science courses in school.

…I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in engineering… at Cornell…[pursuing a] Civil and Environmental Engineering degree and the five-year MBA/CEE… Some of the topics that interest me there are air and water quality engineering, environmental nanotechnology (which connects to my metasurfaces project), sustainable engineering, and climate change.”

SMILE instructor, former SMILE camper, and undergraduate student at Cornell University, beginning Fall 2015

Ethan really enjoyed the entire week and is now bent on being an Engineer or Physicist.

Assistant Coach NCSU

My daughter did the Early Elementary camp this past Sat and loved it?? thank you!!!


“My daughter Rebecca has just completed a week of SMILE camp.  I am thrilled with your camp and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work.  She absolutely LOVED the camp.  She has gone thru her experiment journal from cover to cover and explained each experience.  Thank your for matching Natalie as her mentor.  Mentors are so important and Rebecca really admires Natalie.  This is an activity that Rebecca will remember for the rest of her life.  This was definitely time well spent and an investment in her future.   You have inspired her.”


…that you [Toby], Roger, Karen, and Natalie gave Holly such a great first SMILE Camp experience.

I can say with certainty that she loved it!She went right home and wanted to have the first 20 elements of the periodic table memorized by bedtime!


Mia has been raving about the experiments all week and has had an incredible experience with the counselors and other camp attendees. The shining moment was this morning when she asked for some advanced math books. She said she was impressed by the math skills of the other attendees and wanted to improve her own math skills. As a parent it’s great to see a camp that can leave a child so inspired. Well done.


I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how wonderful Rachel is at conducting the camp. Both my kids think she is great…she truly makes the camp interesting, fun and exciting.


SMILE Camp is AMAZING!! We are so grateful for everything you guys do to provide this Awesome experience to our daughter! We LoveSMILE Camp!


I want you to know that Leif has really enjoyed these two camps. This is the first one in years he has really enjoyed, Everyday he had something to tell. He enjoyed making things and bringing them home from 3D camp and all the actives of the best of Smile Camp. Thanks so much for offering these excellent camps. it was completely worth it.

Professor, Duke

“Julie had many wonderful experiences at camp this week! Each day, she came home eager to tell us about something new that she had accomplished or some new piece of information she had learned. We love SMILE camp and plan to attend many more. Julie’s younger sister, Lydia, will be attending Engineering Challenges… After attending the presentations with me today, Lydia is very excited about her upcoming week at camp, as well. Thank you for offering this camp! We love it!