I wanted to let you know that Eliza LOVED camp yesterday!!!! I will be signing her up for more:)


My daughter did the Early Elementary camp this past Sat and loved it?? thank you!!!


We were thoroughly impressed with the camp.


Ethan really enjoyed the entire week and is now bent on being an Engineer or Physicist.

Assistant Coach NCSU

“Thank you so much for working with me.  I also wanted to take a minute to let you know how much my son, Matt, is/has been enjoying your program.  He comes home each day raving about the experiments and mentors, and even teaching me a little more about science!  I have talked with several other parents in his grade level about the program and everything that it offers, and they will also be looking into it for their kids next summer.  I truly appreciate the opportunity that you and your staff have given the kids – these are lifetime memories for all of them.  This will be an experience my son will NEVER forget.  We look forward to additional opportunities with SMILE in the future.”


“This camp had exactly what I wanted for my daughter — the chance to do interesting experiments and really learn the science behind them.  The staff does a great job of linking everything the students do to the science that makes it possible.  She has learned more materials science, chemistry, physics, and engineering here at SMILE than she has at school. We attend as often as we can!”


Addison always has a blast and it was great that she was able to share it with a friend.


Molly said,“Best summer camp ever!” I was impressed by all the information that the kids shared during their presentation. They all seemed to be engaged and excited by the class. The kids all loved the mentors and seemed to work well with them.

Your whole team was once again amazing and friendly! They are such a great, fun group.


I just wanted to let you know that Jack came home from school today grinning from ear to ear. He received the highest Science EOG score in the entire 8th grade… I just thought you would enjoy this news since SMILE camp has played a huge part in his love of science. He has learned so much from camp and been able to apply it in his studies. Thanks for all that you do for our children.


“My daughter Rebecca has just completed a week of SMILE camp.  I am thrilled with your camp and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work.  She absolutely LOVED the camp.  She has gone thru her experiment journal from cover to cover and explained each experience.  Thank your for matching Natalie as her mentor.  Mentors are so important and Rebecca really admires Natalie.  This is an activity that Rebecca will remember for the rest of her life.  This was definitely time well spent and an investment in her future.   You have inspired her.”


“I wanted to share with you what a wonderful week my son had at camp and thank his camp mentors Brittany, Lauren and David for doing such a great job.  Alexander came home every day and told us about all the cool experiments they did and by the end of the week he admitted to me that he had a great time.   I can’t tell you how much this meant to me….I just wanted him to see the fun and creative side of science.   He is looking forward to high school science now.”


SMILE Camp is AMAZING!! We are so grateful for everything you guys do to provide this Awesome experience to our daughter! We LoveSMILE Camp!


“Just to let you know that both of my kids Ian and Alex came back home from camp saying they wanted to study Materials Science when they went to College. I think that says a lot about the great job you and your team are doing to motivate our kids.”


I want you to know that Leif has really enjoyed these two camps. This is the first one in years he has really enjoyed, Everyday he had something to tell. He enjoyed making things and bringing them home from 3D camp and all the actives of the best of Smile Camp. Thanks so much for offering these excellent camps. it was completely worth it.

Professor, Duke

I cannot tell you how much the students LOVED having you come on Wednesday. Many parents contacted me that night or the next day to tell me that their son/daughter came home very excited about the day. One student told his mom that it was his favorite school day ever!


“Julie had many wonderful experiences at camp this week! Each day, she came home eager to tell us about something new that she had accomplished or some new piece of information she had learned. We love SMILE camp and plan to attend many more. Julie’s younger sister, Lydia, will be attending Engineering Challenges… After attending the presentations with me today, Lydia is very excited about her upcoming week at camp, as well. Thank you for offering this camp! We love it!