3D Printing @home

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3D Printing is becoming a key feature of modern technology, and your child can gain hands on experience with us ! With this course, campers will have access to our multiple 3D printers and 3D printing programs. Campers will learn how to use a 3D modeling package by taking classic designs and learning how to print them. Later, campers will design their very own models to print, as well as participate in exciting challenges given by the instructors.

In the @home version of this popular program, students will email  their designs and we will print them on one of our 6 printers. We will either package the printed designs for pick-up or mail them depending on how close you are to camp.

During instruction, students are asked to work on projects and the staff provide supervision, answer questions, and provide demonstrations for questions. We are calling online version of supervised student work time studio time.

What age is this appropriate for? Rather than age, ability to participate is dependent on:

  • dexterity in using a mouse - ability to click with precision on their drawing/commands.
  • An understanding of lengths (this is something that this program provides)
  • Ability work independently
  • Ability to struggle

After you register, we will give you instructions to download the CAD software - no extra cost.