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Hands-on science labs
One session in the morning and afternoon. Do one per week or do them all.
Go to and click on join a meeting and input the meeting ID and password that you will receive in your registration email
These labs have been chosen because of the likelihood that the materials you need are at home or are readily available. If you need a kit prepared, email us and we will put one together.  Given: that all children are different; variation in level of at home  supervision; participant ability; supplies availability;    the balance of demonstration versus hands-on is up to you. We will be providing instruction and feedback. There will be one primary instructor, with other instructors in the session watching the participants and giving them instructions and providing additional direction.
There are 2 different labs each day:
  • Experiment 1 is from 9AM to 11AM and repeated again 3PM to 5PM.
  • Experiment 2 is from 12PM to 2PM.
Morning Session  offered every day   Monday - Friday
  • 9AM   - 10AM Elementary grades
  • 10AM - 11AM 6th grade and above
Afternoon Session  offered every day   Monday - Friday
  • 12PM - 1PM Elementary grades
  • 1PM - 2PM 6th grade and above
  • 3PM - 4PM Elementary grades
  • 4PM - 5PM 6th grade and above
The morning and afternoon experiments will be different - see the schedule below.

The upcoming lab schedule is as follows:


9:00-10:00 and 3:00-4:00 (YOUNGER)

10:00-11:00 and 4:00-5:00 (OLDER)

12:00-13:00 (YOUNGER)

13:00-14:00 (OLDER)

4/2/2020 Steel Wool Oxidation Steel Wool Oxidation Strawberry DNA Strawberry DNA
4/3/2020 Paper Chromatography Paper Chromatography Milk Plastic Milk Plastic
4/6/2020 Microwaves Microwaves Steel Wool Oxidation Steel Wool Oxidation
4/7/2020 Glass Frit Glass Frit Cabbage pH Cabbage pH
4/8/2020 H2 Balloon H2 Balloon Strawberry DNA Strawberry DNA
4/9/2020 Luminescence Luminescence Slime Slime
4/10/2020 Tensile Testing Tensile Testing Penny Boats Penny Boats
4/13/2020 Electricity/Plasma Electricity/Plasma CO2 Sunlight CO2 Sunlight
4/14/2020 Brass Pennies Brass Pennies Electrolysis Electrolysis
4/15/2020 LN2 LN2 Crystals Crystals
4/16/2020 Microwaves Microwaves Milk Plastic Milk Plastic
4/17/2020 Color Fire Color Fire Calorimetry Calorimetry
4/20/2020 Gallium Casting Gallium Casting Implosion Implosion
4/21/2020 Bismuth Crystals Bismuth Crystals Bernoulli's Principle Bernoulli's Principle
4/22/2020 Pepto Bismuth Pepto Bismuth Breaking the Ice Breaking the Ice
4/23/2020 LN2 LN2 Slime Slime
4/24/2020 Casting Casting Homopolar Motors Homopolar Motors
4/27/2020 Impact Testing Impact Testing Glowstick Painting Glowstick Painting
4/28/2020 Gravity & Spacetime Gravity & Spacetime Vinegar & Baking Soda Vinegar & Baking Soda
4/29/2020 Saponification Saponification Borax Crystals Borax Crystals
4/30/2020 Color Fire Color Fire Implosion Implosion
5/1/2020 Briggs-Rauscher Briggs-Rauscher Cartesian Divers Cartesian Divers