Book Club @home
Book Club @home

Book Club @home

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Book Club @home

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. 

Mason Cooley
Book Clubs:  Elementary: K-2, 3-5

K - 2nd Grade    -   Mondays 11AM - Noon, 4PM - 5PM

3rd - 5th Grade  -  Wednesdays 2PM - 3PM

Libraries and book readings are off limits for the moment. Come join SMILE with Karen Russell as the skipper on a literature journey as we read fabulous age-appropriate literature.  We will read stories together. We will discuss words, the meaning of passages and write our own ideas (as appropriate). We will create some fabulous drawings, and then label our drawings so we can remember the whole story.

Karen is a certified K-9, math and Language Arts/Literature teacher with a masters degree in math. She has been learning and teaching for 30 years. In this program, she will help your student master the age appropriate literature concepts and accelerate to the next level.

After we read, draw, discuss, ask questions and share our work. We will follow up with some family activities for the week.  We will provide support so you and/or your child can take the concept further...sometimes even to the yard!!!
Your child can have a front row seat or be joined by the whole family. The science concepts highlighted by each book are based on the National Science Education Standards.