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Hands-on science labs          Yes, this is what we are all about.
To quote a parent:
This quote sums up my campers' experience:

8 y/o: Well, before we got there, I thought it was going to be really lame and stupid because it was a science camp and science camps are dumb.  But it ISN'T a science camp, it's a SMILE camp, and SMILE camps are for fun!  We didn't do ANY MATH!

10 y/o: Yeah!  We got to make thermite and we calculated 3 parts of rust to one part of aluminim and we melted a flower pot!

Me:  You know that's science, right guys?  And math?

Them: ::silence::

Science is Cool! The ability to do the cool science experiments one's self is where SMILE gets its name (see below) and is what makes doing education worth doing.

Math = the language of science

Interactive = hands-on

Learning = One cannot do a science experiment them self and not learn something

Experience = If the experiments are cool enough, the participants will remember the experience forever.

And finally, campers that have been to programs over the period of years all have a box of their creations under their bed that's still there when the go off to college!