Accelerated Learning SCIENCE

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Welcome to SMILECamp's Accelerated Learning Program!
Do you want your child to push their limits and reach their ultimate potential? If so, then our proprietary SMILE Accelerated Learning Program will help your student achieve their dreams! Our custom, individually tailored program rapidly builds confidence and excellence in your child through the following steps:

Through testing and one-on-one discussions we analyze your child's strengths and find areas for improvement. 

We target the areas that need work and bring them up to the level of their strengths.

With the foundation built, we provide instruction and experiential learning to increase raise their level of scientific understanding. The ability to apply their learning to real world applications and understand the reason they are learning the scientific method will truly increase the ability level of your student. Much like interval training in endurance sports. These intense sessions continually open up new doors of knowledge and opportunity. So whether you are looking to improve your child's scientific confidence, or have him or her practice the material before they receive it in school, or achieve at higher levels on standardized tests, or entrance exams - SMILE Accelerated learning is for you.
Then the process repeats. After several cycles students have greater confidence and better performance.

Program Hours
The Accelerated Learning Program Saturday Sessions are between 9am to 1:00pm.

After an individually scheduled initial testing and evaluation, we will have a parent conference where we provide the results of our evaluation and set the goals for your student will be given a time to arrive. Throughout the term of the program students may be placed in different groups depending on what they need to work on and this may change the arrival time. Parents will be contacted and worked with to facilitate these changes.
Monthly price based on 45 weeks of paid attendance out of 50 weeks of the program to allow for the occasional absence. Students enrolled in the program are welcome to attend all 50 weeks of instruction. As a result, SMILEcamp is not responsible for absences and no refunds will be given.