Advanced Learning Grades 4-6 Paid Monthly

Regular price $84.00


Saturday session 10am to 1pm.
Each subject session is up to 30 minutes.
Must arrive between 10am and 12pm. 


Prof. Nagiza is a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at North Carolina State University. She successfully mentored several science teams of High School students who won National Siemens Math and  Science Competitions.
Prof. Nagiza is offering the following classes and learning opportunities for kids of grades 3-12:
  • Math Olympiads and Contests, such as Kangaroo Math, Math Counts, etc.
  • Computer Science Competitions, such as American Computer Science Leagues, Google's Kick Start Coding Competition
  • Financial Mathematics that lets students master solving mathematical word problems from the fields of Banking and Credits,Taxes and Housing, Personal Finance and Investments, Sales, Fees, Payment Programs, Insurance, etc.
  • SAT/ACT Math Preparation
  • AP Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming with Python
  • School Mathematics such as Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, etc.
  • Consulting and advising on university application process and application package preparation
The regular classes are conducted in small groups of students formed based on their interests and levels. The class placement is determined after free assessment. Hourly class lessons are rated at $20/hour. A monthly payment is required upon completion of student's assessment and class placement. Contact: for scheduling the free assessment.


Saturday meetings start June 8, 2019

Year commitment (50 work sessions)
At ($20/hr)*(50sessions) = ($1000/year) / (12months) = $84/month per hour long class