CCCC Upward Bound Summer Camp Program

Regular price $5,000.00

SMILE proposes the following experiments for the hands-on science experiments for the Upward Bound program for summer 2020 with the following details:

  1. five week program
  2. 2pm -3pm each Monday and Wednesday
  3. June 29, 2020 to July 29, 2020 (last day)
  4. 30 students each week (half on Monday and the other half on Wednesday)
  5. $100 per child per week

We propose the following experiments as we discussed before with “Breaking the Ice” as an alternate.

  • Iron oxidation and electromagnets
  • Electrochemical series/making batteries
  • Bernoulli's Principle
  • Homopolar Motors
  • Implosion

We propose a budget of $100 per child with an anticipated group of 30 students. If you end up with a larger group, we can add additional students at the same rate. SMILE will create kits for each student and deliver them to you in enough time for you to distribute them to your students.

We look forward to introducing your students to hands-on science.