Homeschool Family Event 12/10/19
Homeschool Family Event 12/10/19
Homeschool Family Event 12/10/19
Homeschool Family Event 12/10/19

Homeschool Family Event 12/10/19

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Date:       Tuesday, 12/10/19  from  1:00PM to 3:00PM.

This is a two experiment introductory program especially for the homeschool community to get a taste of the type and level of SMILE programs. Concurrent with the experiments will be a program for attending parents.


Experiment 1: Solid, Liquid, Gas, and back again! We will use Liquid nitrogen to cool air down and watch air shrink until it becomes a liquid and then as we warm it back to room temperature it occupies the same volume. We will follow that with other effects that changes in temperature have on the materials around us.

Experiment 2:  Sound! What is sound? How is sound made? What does sound look like. How is sound measured and what technical terms are associated with sound and what do they mean? In this lab we will begin by making Ooblick for everyone to take home and then observe dilatency, the non-newtonian property of Ooblick, in the presence of sound. With Ooblick assistance, sound terms become visable. We will cover sound terms, sound physics and sound's interaction with the environment.

Parent Information Workshops: Concurrent with the experiments, there will be Parent Programs covering Home School news and events, opportunities for home school families at SMILE and how to access them, as well as identifying student academic needs.

  • Parent Workshop 1: SMILE Camp Homeschool Q&A Session.  During this parent session Camp Founder and Director, Karen Russell, will review all things SMILE Camp including: 
    • Homeschool winter and spring classes
    • Monthly Parent Resource Events & Opportunities at SMILE.
    • Resources for Understanding your gifted child, What and Why do I have an underachiever? Meeting the needs of your student by setting goals, finding their GRIT and using rigor, not assigning more, to achieve potential.


  • Parent Workshop 2:  Help for the Overwhelmed Homeschool Parent!  During this parent session Laina Yeisley, owner of The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center, will review:
    • Laws, curriculum, planning, testing, high school... bring your questions!
    • How to find groups and support
    • Unique local opportunities for field trips, classes, and experiences. 
    • Balancing the roles of parent, teacher, mentor, activity coordinator, taxi driver... 
    • Finding the level of freedom that works for your family.