Monday Night Ceramics

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Come learn and create with clay and ceramics.  This session gives mom's an opportunity to work and visit with other mom's in a safe, and clean environment all while creating and learning new techniques.  Mask required.  Temperatures taken and recorded at the front sign in desk.

This guided session is able to teach you beginning and intermediate methods of working with clay, as well as pre-poured ceramic figurines.  The work session is laid-back and  set up for studio time.

While established for mom's, this is an excellent time for bonding and sharing your studio space with a registered child, or two, of all ages.

We have two kilns, hundreds of casting molds as well as already pored figures ready to clean up the seams of the greenware one session and then paint and glaze bisque ware at another session.

Space is available.  Register online and come  in to work.  Current hours are  4:30 - 6:30 pm on Mondays.

To purchase multiple sessions at once, simply change the quantity in your cart.