SMILE @home

SMILE is now delivering our in-person content remotely. We are offering programs that are possible to carry out at home while the instructor is live.

We are offering live interactive learning experiences in the following areas:

  • Science Labs
  • Math (2nd grade - Math I)
  • Art
  • 3D Printing
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Minecraft Pi
  • Book Club

See the schedule and registration links below.

Using Zoom, we will be providing our customary interactive learning experience for Art,  Math, Science, 3D Printing, and Programming/Coding (Raspberry Pi and Minecraft Pi). Students will participate from home while watching and emulating the instructor (time to set up the home science lab). They will be able to ask questions, carry out labs, art projects and receive help from the instructor and other staff participating live in the session.  If a session is missed, the recorded version will be available to view later.

Science will be offered for two sessions each afternoon with a different lab each session. Elementary participants at noon and 3PM. Middle school Science is at 1PM and 4PM. If there is a schedule conflict, a different session can be joined.