Best of SMILE II

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Welcome to the most exciting Science summer camp in the triangle! Best of SMILE II comprises a different set of experiments that Best of SMILE I. Comparatively, these experiments are a more involved with more steps and complexity and cant necessarily be carried out in single 1 1/2 hour experiment block and can take an entire morning or afternoon to complete.  Our camp offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to explore the fascinating world of chemistry and gain hands-on experience in the field.

Our summer camp is staffed by the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic college students that want to share their passion and love of chemistry with the next generation of engineers and scientists. They are dedicated to providing a fun and engaging learning experience.

Throughout the camp, students will participate in a variety of activities designed to stimulate their curiosity and challenge their understanding of Physics, chemistry, and engineering. They will learn about the latest research in organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, and many other areas of chemistry. They will also have the opportunity to conduct their own experiments and projects.

Our camp is designed for students of all levels.

Overall, our Chemistry summer camp is a unique and unforgettable experience that will inspire and educate students in ways they never thought possible. Come join us and experience the thrill of exploring the amazing world of chemistry!

This week long camp is comprised of some of the best and most popular chemistry experiments from the past years of SMILE Camp. Each day, campers will engage in two experiments in the morning and two experiments in the afternoon

Campers will learn about common science concepts relating to elements, chemical reactions, thermodynamics, the transformation of energy, chemical bonds and more. Campers will walk away with the know-how to take their academic knowledge, merged with the real world, and take fun science to the next level! Experiments will include clock reactions, chemiluminescence and electroluminescence. Liquid crystals, the secret behind LCD screens, will be created and the nature of ferrofluid will be explored. 

Program Hours 8:30 am - 4:30 pm M-F 

Drop-off is from 8:00 - 8:30 am and pickup is from 4:30 - 5:00 pm

We can provide early care before 8:00 am and late pickup between 5:00 - 6:00 pm for an extra fee.