Industrial Design - Furniture Design Week!

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🌟 Introducing Our Innovative Summer Design Camp! 🌟

Get ready for a summer of creativity, innovation, and hands-on learning at our exciting new Design Thinking Camp! 🚀🌈

ğŸŽ¨ What's In Store?

Campers will embark on a design journey like never before, exploring the fascinating world of design thinking through targeted exercises and captivating presentations on classic designs and manufacturing techniques.

🌟 What Will They Learn?

  • Color Theory: Dive into the psychology of colors and discover how they influence design.

  • Materials: Unleash your creativity by mastering the art of selecting and working with diverse materials.

  • Visual Communication: From sketching to 3D rendering, learn how to bring your ideas to life visually.

  • Ergonomics and Human Factors: Understand the importance of design that considers the comfort and usability for all.

  • Manufacturing Processes: Explore the magic behind millwork, casting, upholstery, molding, and more!

🚀 The Design Journey: From Concept to Creation

This immersive course takes campers through the entire design process, from the initial concept stage to the thrilling moment of product development.

🪑 Create Your Masterpiece

Engage in a series of mini-projects that will lead to the creation of a unique piece of furniture. Context, functionality, and technology will be the key ingredients in this exciting endeavor.

Join us for a summer filled with innovation, laughter, and the joy of bringing imagination to life! Enroll now and let the design adventure begin! ğŸŽ‰ğŸŒŸ